Save the Fingerlakes Drive In

Finger Lakes
Drive In

In order for us to continue showing the latest films for our community to enjoy at this historic drive-in, we must obtain and install a new digital cinema projector.

Total funds raised to save the Finger Lakes Drive In



The Finger Lakes Drive-In opened on July 15, 1947, and we are proud to be New York State's oldest continuously operating drive-in theatre. We maintain vintage speakers and our FM radio transmitter provides enhanced audio. Locally owned and operated, the Finger Lakes Drive-In is an important part of our community offering affordable entertainment. People enjoy bringing the whole family to watch the latest film releases, even double features!

Current Challenge

Movie theaters across the country are converting from film projectors to digital projectors. This digital conversion can cost $75,000, and that's just the projector. Most movie theaters (in malls for example) are open year round. The Finger Lakes Drive-In however, like many other drive-ins, is only open part of the year.
Our goal is $95,000. All funds will be used to go digital. If we do not raise enough funds to do so, the funds will be returned.

Located 4 miles west of Auburn NY on Routes 5 & 20 in the heart of the Finger Lakes region